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Humanity for Horses is a 501C3 non-profit organization, Tax ID:27-4116043. It was birthed in 2012 when a law was passed, allowing horses to be slaughtered in the USA. The reason for this name is obvious – humanity must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. We are dedicated to rescuing and saving animals that have been abandoned, abused or dumped.  We have made a commitment to always be a home to hundreds of horses. 

Today, over 650 animals, 500 of them being horses, live at the sanctuary. Because 99% of the horses we rescue are very injured, sick or lame, Humanity for Horses is really just a very large hospital. It is a hospice to some, a hospital to others and a spa to those who have healed. Our policy is that no one is ever adopted out.  This is a protection against any further risk of mistreatment.

The sanctuary has become a home where animals sometimes find their birth families that they were previously separated from, or fall in love with new partners. Unbeknownst to us, several that have been saved were or are pregnant, so we had to build special birthing shelters.  We are a United Nations of animals because we also save and home alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats, mules, donkeys, cows, guinea hens and geese.  As well, we support off-site homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, peacocks, pigs, chinchillas and birds.

What is the mission of the horse and why is it vitally important for us to save and honor them. The horse is on this planet to teach us about emotional intelligence, respect, grace, patience and Warriorship. Before tanks and cars, the horse is the being that won wars for us, plowed our fields so we could eat, helped us to travel from one place to another, and created an energy of trust, leaving us knowing that we could depend on them. No animal has a greater place in history than the horse. Today, even though they have been grossly mistreated, abused and starved, our experience has been that they have the gift of gratitude and forgiveness that far surpasses the human emotional spectrum.

The Humanity for Horses teams feels completely blessed to have been chosen to serve these magnificent beings. We have learned a spirituality and wonder, that today is not present within humanity. Though we equally love all of our animal family, the horses are the ones that have become our educators, healers, teachers and masters. They use their power appropriately, their beauty gracefully, and their intelligence divinely. They have set a standard and example for us, that each day, we, as people pray we can match.

We are blessed to have a corporate sponsor that supports all our administrative costs.  Therefore, 100% of donations are allocated to taking care of our angelic animals, who we call Avatars.  The sanctuary is located on 3,000 acres at the base of Mount Shasta in Northern California.