Save a child – Save the future

For years now, Humanity for Horses has hosted children, introducing them to the peace and tranquility of the sanctuary and the love and blessings from the animals.  It has been fun, interesting and easy. 


However, several months ago it came to our attention how many kids in the United States are at risk, based on hunger, homelessness and drugs, which leaves them open to the victimization of sex trafficking. 


As a result of our findings, we decided to take action.  We now fill back packs for kids with food, clothes and emotional intelligence tools.  These back packs are distributed through the high schools.  We also send money to cover the costs of feeding hundreds and hundreds of children.  To date, we have distributed thousands of feelings decks to help kids and teens with problem solving skills.  


 We have acquired an office in Monterey, California because though it is one of the wealthiest places in America,  20% to 26% of the kids are hungry or homeless.  The bipolar atmosphere of prosperity verses poverty inevitably catapults kids into despair, leaving them vulnerable to those who plan to prey upon them. 


We are in the process of creating incentive programs for kids who try their hardest in school.  This gift is not based on exam marks, but good effort.  They will come and stay at the sanctuary, enjoying the beauty and serenity, while eating good food and making friends with our gorgeous four-legged creatures. 


Children are suffering and we cannot turn a blind eye.  Our future is at stake because so many of our kids are wandering and lost.  Denial of this is an irresponsibility that has caused depression, fear, violence and hopelessness within our society.  We believe that those of us who are luckier must share this luck in order to bring happiness and hope to our children and others. 


If you are interested or would like emotional help for yourself or a loved one, feel free to go to our sister nonprofit  All material is shared free of charge.